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IBM Cloud Advocate v1

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Free C1000-124 (IBM Cloud Advocate v1) Exam Questions


Which factor motivates companies to increasingly adopt the use of the cloud, transforming their environments while at the same time reducing the size of legacy systems and reducing costs?

A. Virtual servers can be migrated between dedicated hosts based on workload requirements
B. All public cloud resources can be freely accessed by every member all the time
C. A full-on-premises service stack that enables highly available, redundant, and isolated client solutions
D. The power, scalability, flexibility, and pay-as-you-go economics of the cloud

Correct Answer: D


What is required before creating and using toolchains that contain certain tool integrations?

A. A Continuous Delivery service
B. The Creator role permissions
C. A Kubernetes cluster
D. A container repository

Correct Answer: A


The client wants to get better insights as to how their customers engage with them, enabling the client to adapt their products and services based on what they learn. Which cloud services can be added to a business case to achieve this?

A. IoT
B. Analytics
C. Tririga
D. Blockchain

Correct Answer: B


What describes a Public Gateway?

A. It is a service that distributes connections to VPC-hosted websites evenly across zones
B. It provides an encrypted network tunnel between the VPC and on-premises networks for management
C. It enables communication to the internet for all virtual server instances on the attached subnet
D. It is configured through rules to allow traffic to reach the network interface of attached VSIs

Correct Answer: C


Which two statements describe Kubernetes? (Choose two.)

A. Orchestrates deployments only to public clouds
B. A container orchestration platform
C. Deploys and manages containers with automated rollouts and rollbacks
D. A sole project hosted by CNCF
E. An open-source container runtime that is only supported by IBM Cloud

Correct Answer: BC


What are the key tenets of a hybrid cloud?

A. Interoperability, scalability, and portability
B. On-demand self-service, controlled zone network access, and measured service
C. Usable, collaborative, and extensible
D. Logging, auditing, and network isolation

Correct Answer: A


Which advantages are provided by IBM Cloud\\’s databases?

A. Makes more accurate predictions automate decisions and processes
B. Easily connect applications and data across multiple clouds
C. High availability, enhanced security, and flexible, scalable performance
D. Easily analyze data and build machine learning models

Correct Answer: C


What is a resource group in IBM Cloud?

A. Application resources that have been placed in the same zone
B. A container for resources to which access privileges can be assigned
C. A set of provisioned services labeled with the same tag
D. A group of resources that can be created on demand using a Terraform script

Correct Answer: D


In IBM Cloud, what function does a public gateway in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provide?

A. Name resolution to allow traffic to find the website
B. Extension of on-premises resources to the cloud
C. Internet connectivity to the web servers
D. Load balancing to the app servers

Correct Answer: C


Which statement describes a Content Delivery Network?

A. A network of servers on the internet with websites running with high-speed connections
B. A file server that is in the user’s geographical location closest to them to speed up the transfer of data
C. A distributed server network that delivers temporarily stored or cached copies of website content to users based on the user\\’s geographic location
D. A distributed server network that delivers temporarily stored or cached copies of website content to users based on the user\\’s geographic location

Correct Answer: B


Which type of database would be appropriate for a high transaction database?

A. graph
B. relational
C. document
D. key-value

Correct Answer: A


Under IAM, which two roles can be assigned to a user in IBM Cloud for a specific resource or resource group? (Choose two.)

A. Viewer
B. Developer
C. Root
D. Wheel
E. Administrator

Correct Answer: AE


Which severity level should be assigned to a support case in the event of a business-critical function becoming inoperable?

A. 1
B. 4
C. 3
D. 2

Correct Answer: A

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