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CompTIA A+ 2024

CompTIA A+ 220-1101 dumps 2024 has been updated with 500 new practice questions, which will be reviewed, corrected, and verified by the Pass4itSure CompTIA team to ensure that you will succeed in the 220-1101 exam!

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220-1101 Exam Prep -2024 Edition

As you may know, the CompTIA A+ 220-1101 certification is becoming more and more important, and IT personnel are almost a must to know about it. You can no longer hide in your own world, you need to learn it to understand and master it in order to stay relevant in your technical work.

CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for bringing IT careers into today’s digital world.

Exam codeCompTIA A+ 220-1101 (Core 1)
The entire series of exams cannot be combined.Candidates must complete 1101 and 1102 to earn certification.
Exam DescriptionCompTIA A+ 220-1101 covers mobile devices, networking technologies, hardware, virtualization, and cloud computing.
Number of questionsUp to 90 questions per exam
Question types Multiple-choice (multiple-choice and multiple-choice), drag-and-drop, and performance-based
Test Duration90 minutes long
Passing Score675 on a 900-point scale

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Online share some of the new practice questions for CompTIA A+ 220-1101 dumps 2024

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Pass4itSureCompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 115/500
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Question 1:

A user accidentally spills liquid on a laptop. The user wants the device to be fixed and would like to know how much it will cost. Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT to verify if the device is repairable before committing to a price? (Choose two.)

A. Remove the case and organize the parts.

B. Document the screw locations.

C. Search the Internet for repair tutorials.

D. Consult colleagues for advice.

E. Place the device in rice for a few days.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 2:

A customer reports that a computer is never able to reach more than a 100Mbps transfer data rate, even when using a Gigabit LAN card. While troubleshooting, the technician noticed the network cable needed to be replaced. Which of the following cable categories is limiting the transfer speed?

A. Cat 5

B. Cat 5e

C. Cat 6

D. Cat 6a

Correct Answer: A

Cat 5 cable is limited to a maximum data transfer rate of 100Mbps, while Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6a cables support Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps) and higher speeds. Even though the LAN card is capable of Gigabit speeds, it cannot achieve that speed when using a Cat 5 cable. Upgrading to a Cat 5e or higher cable would allow the computer to achieve Gigabit speeds. References: CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 – Page 196

Question 3:

A technician is tasked with installing additional RAM in a desktop computer. Which of the following types of RAM is MOST likely to be used?





Correct Answer: B

DDR3 is the most commonly used RAM type in modern desktop computers. It is faster and more energy efficient than its predecessors and offers larger capacity modules. References: CompTIA A+ Certification Guide, Ninth Edition, Chapter 5

Question 4:

A technician is configuring a desktop computer, and the hard drive must be encrypted. Which of the following will the technician need to verify is enabled to complete this configuration?





Correct Answer: C

TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module, which is a hardware component that securely stores encryption keys and other sensitive data12. TPM can be used to enable hard drive encryption, which is a technology that encrypts the data stored on a hard drive using sophisticated mathematical functions34. Hard drive encryption protects the data from unauthorized access in case the hard drive is lost, stolen, or tampered with.

Question 5:

A systems administrator at a school is setting up computing devices with keyboards. All the devices need to have an identical build. The administrator knows from prior experience that students often spill food or drinks on their devices. Which of the following is the BEST option for the administrator to use?

A. Thick clients

B. Thin clients

C. Laptops

D. Workstations

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

A technician is replacing a broken screen on a new company laptop but does not have repair information from the vendor.

Which of the following is the BEST way to proceed?

A. Document and label the cable and screw locations.

B. Replace the screen with a non-OEM.

C. Update the firmware on the device before repairing it.

D. Wait for the vendor to provide more information.

Correct Answer: A

Question 7:

An IT manager is requesting that the company buy new cables to be used with F-type connectors that are already in-house. Which of the following cables should the company buy?

A. Coaxial out

B. Plenum

C. Cat 5e

D. Fiber

Correct Answer: A

The company should buy Coaxial cables to be used with F-type connectors.

Question 8:

A technician is setting up a printer for a small office that does not have an RJ-45 jack. The users\’ computers are all in the same workgroup and are connected physically to the same network switch. The technician needs to make sure all users can print to the new printer through the switch. Which of the following should the technician configure?

A. Shared printer

B. Print server

C. Bluetooth printing

D. Cloud printing

Correct Answer: A

Question 9:

Which of the following wireless technologies has the MOST range and wireless throughput?

A. 802.11ac

B. 802.11ax

C. 802. 11b/gin

D. 802.11g

Correct Answer: B

802.11ax, also known as Wi-Fi 6, has the longest range and the highest wireless throughput of all the wireless technologies listed. References: CompTIA A+ Certification guide, 220-1001, Chapter 3

Question 10:

A user is installing a new display on a desktop computer that only has a single DVI port for video input and a single HDMI port for video output.

Which of me following does the technician need to complete the setup?

A. DigitaMo-analog converter

B. A/v switcher

C. DisplayPort to HDMI adapter

D. DVI to HDMI cable

Correct Answer: D

The technician will need to connect the DVI port on the computer to the new display\’s HDMI port. To do this, a DVI to HDMI cable will be needed. This type of cable will allow the computer\’s DVI video signal to be transmitted to the new

display\’s HDMI port. A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is used to convert a digital signal to an analog signal. An A/V switcher is used to switch between multiple audio and video sources and display them on a single monitor or display. A

DisplayPort to HDMI adapter is used to convert a DisplayPort signal to an HDMI signal, but it is not necessary in this scenario as the computer has a DVI port and not a DisplayPort.

Reference: CompTIA A+ Core 1 guide, page 199.

Question 11:

A technician needs to add storage to a workstation. The workstation does not have room to add any internal storage, so the technician plans to add an external storage device. Which of the following connection types should the technician MOST likely use?





Correct Answer: B

eSATA is the best choice for adding external storage as it offers a fast transfer rate and is specifically designed for external storage devices. SCSI is an older interface that is rarely used today, PCIe is typically used to add expansion cards to a computer, and NVMe is a newer interface for high-speed solid-state storage, but it is typically used for internal storage devices.

Question 12:

Which of the following components houses the MX record?





Correct Answer: A

The MX record is housed in the DNS (Domain Name System) which is responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses and vice versa. The MX record specifies the mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a domain name and is a resource record in the DNS123.

Question 13:

A technician receives several error alerts on a server after an unexpected reboot. A message states that one or more disks are in a degraded state. When the technician advances to the next error message, it indicates the OS is missing. Which of the following are the MOST likely causes of these errors? (Choose two.)

A. Missing drives in the OS

B. RAID failure

C. Bootable device not found

D. Data loss

E. Controller failure

F. CMOS corruption

G. TPM malfunction

Correct Answer: BC

The message stating that one or more disks are in a degraded state is a clear indication of a RAID failure. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, and it is a technology used to provide fault tolerance and improve performance by combining multiple hard drives into a single logical unit. The message indicating that the OS is missing is most likely caused by a bootable device not found. This means that the server is unable to boot from the designated boot device, which could be the hard drive, a CD/DVD drive, or a USB flash drive. This could be caused by a faulty boot device, a loose cable, or a misconfiguration in the BIOS or UEFI settings.

Question 14:

Which of the following features will save the battery life of a laptop significantly if they are disabled? (Choose two.)

A. Touchpad

B. Volume

C. Screen orientation

D. Cellular

E. Bluetooth

F. Fingerprint reader

Correct Answer: DE

Question 15:

An engineer is experiencing unexpected reboots on a graphics workstation when rendering complex 3-D models. The workstation is configured with a 115V power supply that is rated at 200W and connected to a UPS. The central processing unit contains 16 hyperthreaded cores, and a discrete graphics solution utilizing an 8-pin power connector is installed in a PCI Express x16 slot. Which of the following indicates where the technician should begin troubleshooting?

A. The UPS, as 115V is insufficient for the configuration and should be increased to 220V

B. The power supply, as 200W is insufficient when the GPU is heavily tasked

C. The graphics card, as it is the component that triggers the unexpected reboots

D. The motherboard, as only standard PCI slots should be used for high-end graphics cards, not PCI Express slots

Correct Answer: B

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The most popular question people ask is about CompTIA A+ 220-1101

Why did CompTIA A+ 220-1101 dumps help you pass the exam?

The 220-1101 dumps are advantageous assistance in your learning process to help you identify and fill in the gaps in your knowledge that will make you more confident when taking the certification exam.

Why Pass4itSure 220-1101 dumps can help you succeed?

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What is the difference between 220-1101 and 1102?

CompTIA A+ 220-1101 covers mobile devices, network technologies, hardware, virtualization, and cloud computing. CompTIA A+ 220-1102 covers operating systems, security, software, and operating procedures.

Is CompTIA A+ hard in 2024?

Although the A+ exam is challenging, it is possible to pass it on the first attempt with hard work.

What skills will you learn with the CompTIA A+ certification?

  • hardware
  • operating system
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Networking troubleshooting
  • safe
  • Mobile devices
  • Virtualization and cloud computing
  • Procedure

What jobs are available with CompTIA A+?

Help Desk Technician, IT Specialist, Field Service Technician, IT Support Manager, Business Analyst, Data Support Technician, Technical Support Specialist, MSP Personnel, IT Server Technician

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