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HP HPE2-E72 Exam Questions & Answers

Vendor: HP
Certifications: HPE Sales Certified
Exam Code: HPE2-E72
Exam Name: Selling HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions
Updated: Jul 08, 2020
Q&As: 50

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Latest HP HPE2-E72 Exam Questions Answers | Practice test

What is one benefit of the HPE acquisition of BlueData for HPE customers?
A. BlueData is primarily a consultant for managing data protection and recovery, and HPE Pointnext is adding services
in these areas.
B. With the addition of BlueData, a leading hardware provider for supercomputing, HPE can offer customers a more
extensive HPC portfolio.
C. Customers can obtain the BlueData software platform, designed to simplify the deployment of artificial intelligence
(AI), on density-optimized HPE Apollo servers.
D. HPE has added BlueData\\’s AI-based algorithms for deduplication and compression to make HPE storage solutions
more efficient.
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://assets.ext.hpe.com/is/content/hpedam/documents/a00078000-8999/a00078919/a00078919enw.pdf

What is one way HPE differentiates itself as a provider of hybrid cloud solutions?
A. HPE enables companies to customize their solutions with a Unified API
B. HPE provides hybrid cloud solutions that integrate with the top two public cloud providers
C. HPE provides development tools for public and private clouds
D. HPE provides a superior public cloud experience and seamless integration with private clouds
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/greenlake.html

What is one benefit of HPE GreenLake for HPE Intelligent Data Platform solutions?
A. It unlocks the ability for customers to migrate their data between their on-prem environment and the public cloud.
B. It adds more software features to HPE storage arrays and provides experts to advise customers on implementing
those features.
C. It brings intelligence that is only available on HPE storage arrays delivered by GreenLake.
D. It helps customers achieve predictable costs for storage with a consumption-based model and metering.
Correct Answer: D

Why is TCO an important consideration for potential HPE GreenLake customers?
A. Customers should understand TCO is not important because the cost of HPE GreenLake cannot be compared with
the cost of traditional IT.
B. Discussing TCO with customers will help them understand the large, upfront costs required for HPE GreenLake.
C. Customers need to understand that TCO decreases with HPE GreenLake because customers do not refresh their
infrastructure as often.
D. By helping your customers recognize the high cost of overprovisioning, you can help them understand the
advantages of HPE GreenLake.
Correct Answer: D

A customer has a hybrid environment with services deployed on-prem, in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft
Azure. The customer needs a storage solution. What is one benefit of HPE that you should explain?
A. HPE SimpliVity gives customers a hook into the cloud with stretched clusters that have a mix of on-prem and cloud
B. HPE Nimble and Cloud Volumes will let the customers move their data freely around the hybrid environment.
C. HPE Primera includes an embedded cloud catalog that will help customers deploy services and data in their hybrid
D. HPE 3PAR will help the customer move the data on-prem and eliminate the need for cloud services.
Correct Answer: C

Which customer is a good fit for HPE GreenLake?
A. “To stay within our budget, I want to expand our storage using HDD or even tape. Speed is not an issue, so I don\\’t
want flash.”
B. “We need to ensure that our network can keep up with growth, without breaking our budget.”
C. “With the security risks it poses and given the sensitive nature of our data, I don\\’t even want to consider an IoT
D. “Our CIO recently moved most of our workloads to the cloud and added a second cloud provider.”
Correct Answer: D

Your mid-sized customer wants to implement an HPE hybrid cloud solution but is worried about the cost. What should
you talk about to overcome this objection?
A. The HPE Business Scholarschips program offers smaller businesses a chance to earn extra capital and complete
with bigger enterprises.
B. HPE data analytics determine on a daily basis whether the customer is actually financially at-risk or not.
C. On a price-per-unit basis, HPE is the most affordable option in the market.
D. HPE Financial Services help customers find a way to implement a new solution that is within their budget.
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.hpe.com/emea_europe/en/services/financial-services.html

Which common challenge can make a customer a good candidate for HPE GreenLake?
A. Users are complaining about inconsistent applications performance at branch offices.
B. IT staff is overwhelmed, putting the customer at risk of error-caused security and availability issues.
C. The customer\\’s growth remains stagnant and below 1% a year.
D. Financial pressures are causing the customer to turn away from OPEX in favor of CAPEX.
Correct Answer: A

What is one way that HPE helps customers overcome their economic barriers to growth?
A. by offering special discounts to public cloud services that are financed by HPEFS
B. by helping customers to liberate capital by replacing investments in under-utilized infrastructure with pay-as-you-go
C. by helping companies transition to a more cost effective waterfall application development cycle
D. by providing advanced AI operations that can replace most of a customer\\’s IT staff
Correct Answer: B

What is one way that HPE helps customers to make their data center more agile?
A. The HPE Unified API is an AI-driven engine for helping customers to analyze and optimize their workloads.
B. HPE InfoSight helps customers to reduce the scripts that they use to provision servers from hundreds of lines to one.
C. HPE Composable Fabric solutions help customers to gain more visibility into where their data is stored on-prem or in
the cloud.
D. HPE Composable Infrastructure solutions help customers to compose compute and storage for workloads on
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/integrated-systems/synergy.html

What is one benefit artificial intelligence providing for HPE composability?
A. Automating third-party integration with the HPE Unified API
B. Providing template-based provisioning as part of HPE InfoSight
C. Using predictive analytics to optimize the infrastructure
D. Providing security analysis of HPE firmware
Correct Answer: C

What is one of the trends in how customers are using public cloud services?
A. Most customers have consolidated their public cloud services onto a single public cloud.
B. A majority of customers have moved some cloud services back on-prem in the last year.
C. A majority of customers have fewer concerns about how public clouds handle data sovereignty than they did two
years ago.
D. In the next two years, customers plan to move about 75 percent of workloads to public clouds.
Correct Answer: B

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