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Question: 1
Which two statements are true? (Choose two )
A. With composite partitioning, table partitions can store data rows.
B. With composite partitioning, table partitions cannot store data rows.
C. With composite partitioning, table subpartitions can store data rows.
D. With composite partitioning, table subpartitions cannot store data rows.

Answer: B, C
Question: 2
Which two statements are true for an online index rebuild? (Choose two)
A. No table locking is required.
B. The operation can be done in parallel.
C. Queries on the base table will result in errors.
D. Changes to the base table are logged in a journal table.

Answer: A, D
Question: 3
Following an upgrade from Oracle8, release 8.0, to Oracle8i, release 1 or 2, you should run the script utlrp.sql to accomplish which goal?
A. Create a set of compatible data dictionary tables.
B. Recompile any PL/SQL modules made invalid by the upgrade.
C. To remove the release upgrade program modules from the SYSTEM tablespace.
D. Replace statistics tables created with the DBMS_STATS with current versions.

Answer: B
Question: 4
When you create a stored outline, in which schema is it stored?
D. The Current User

Answer: B
Question: 5
What is the maximum number of parallel recover servers when the FAST_START_PARALLEL_ROLLBACK parameter is set to HIGH?
D. 2* number of rollback transactions
E. 4* number of rollback transactions
Answer: B
Question: 6
Given: LOG_ARCHIEVE_DEST_2??? ?.ìC ???LOCATION = /archive2 OPTIONAL??? What effect does OPTIONAL have in the location parameter?
A. There is an error on startup because there is no OPTIONAL clause available.
B. If the destination is unavailable, it puts the archive log in a default directory.
C. If the destination is unavailable, it allows the online redo log to be overwritten.
D. If the destination is unavailable, it allows the online redo log to be overwritten at the request of the DBA.
E. If the destination is unavailable, it allows the online redo log to be overwritten if the parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2_OVERWRITE is set to ??True??

Answer: C
Question: 7
Which two can be obtained from the summary advisor? (Choose two)
A. Summary accounting.
B. Summary refresh plan.
C. Summary recommendations.
D. Summary space requirements.

Answer: C, D
Question: 8
What does fine-grained access enable you to do?
A. Associate policies with tables and view.
B. Choose the schema in which a stored PL/SQL block will execute in.
C. Select which user??s privilege map is used during execution.
D. Select how external object references are resolved in queries.

Answer: A
Question: 9
What are autonomous transactions?
A. PL/SQL blocks that have a transaction scope independent of the transaction scope of the calling PL/SQL block.
B. Nested transactions that share resources with the calling transaction.
C. The transaction that is created by the LOGON event trigger.

Answer: A
Question: 10
When the listener is NOT available during client load balancing and failover, which file does the client use to pick a listener/
A. TNSNAMES.ORA on the server
B. LISTENER.ORA on the client
C. TNSNAMES.ORA on the client
D. LISTENER.ORA on the server
Answer: C
Question: 11
Which four steps are required to transport a tablespace? (Choose four)
A. Make the tablespace read-only.
B. Import metadata into the target database.
C. Export metadata from the source database.
D. Copy the data files to the target system.
E. Make the tablespace in the target database read-write.
F. Rename the data files on the source system.

Answer: A, B, C, D

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