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Exam Code: 70-765
Exam Name: Provisioning SQL Databases (beta)
Updated: Sep 09, 2017
Q&As: 105

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70-765 dumps

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QUESTION:1. An online application requires that the value of a user’s security privilege be inherited from the privilege of its parent organization unless a value is specified on a per-user basis. Which repository feature
provides the quickest and easiest implementation?
A. RQL filter
B. derived property
C. custom property descriptor
D. item-descriptor inheritance
70-765 exam Answer: B
QUESTION: 2. Which cache mode is most appropriate for repositories that are generally read-only, but updated
A. locked
B. simple
C. disabled
D. distributed
Answer: D
QUESTION:3. In which file is an application module’s required classes specified?
A. the META.INF file
B. the module’s .jar file
C. the application.xml file
D. the MANIFEST.MF file
E. the J2EEContainer.properties file
70-765 dumps Answer: D
QUESTION:4. Which two statements are true if a repository item type T has a property P that has the
cascade=”update” attribute set? (Choose two.)
A. Property P can be defined as either a repository item or a Collection of repository items.
B. The cascade=”update” attribute is applied recursively to any properties in the items referenced by
property P.

C. Anytime that a repository item of type T is updated, all corresponding items referenced by property P
are updated.
D. Anytime that a repository item of type T is added to the repository, the corresponding items referenced
by property P are also added to the repository.
QUESTION:5. What are two advantages of using Item Descriptor Inheritance over independent item descriptors in a repository definition? (Choose two.)
A. Duplicate data across different tables can be avoided.
B. The number of database tables is reduced, simplifying queries.
C. Item descriptors can inherit properties from multiple parent sources.
D. Queries for items with common attributes can be created more easily.
70-765 pdf Answer:AD
QUESTION: 6. Click the Exhibit button. File1.jsp is changed to replace the include directive with the dsp:include tag. Which two other changes should you make so that the behavior of the application remains the same?
(Choose two.)
A. rename file2.jspf to file2.jsp
B. add a taglib directive to file2
C. add a dsp:importbean tag to file2
D. add a dsp:param tag to file1.jsp within the body of the dsp:include tag
Answer: BC
QUESTION: 7. The type of a repository item property is defined using component-item-type only if the item’s data-type is a collection and .

A. its elements are Java primitive types
B. a one-to-many mapping is being described
C. its elements are references to components
D. its elements are references to other repository items
70-765 ansell Answer: D
QUESTION:8. Why should you use serviceLocalParameter() instead of serviceParameter()?
A. to loop parameters
B. to limit the scope of parameters
C. to provide region-specific services
D. to service internationalized content
Answer: B
QUESTION:9. Click the Exhibit button. What is the output of this JSP?
A. a
B. b
C. a a
D. a b
E. b a
F. b b
70-765 exam Answer: C

QUESTION:10. The IsEmpty droplet renders the true open parameter when the value input parameter is .
(Choose three.)
A. null
B. an Integer and Integer.intValue() == 0
C. an Object array and Object [].length == 0
D. a String and String.equals(“”) returns true
Answer: ACD

To what does an internal structure of a class refer?
A. the inheritance structure of that class
B. the set of nested classifiers of that class
C. the set of structural features of that class
D. class and associations owned by that class
E. the decomposition of that class in terms of interconnected parts
70-765 dumps Answer: E
What statements are true about a composite structure? (Choose two)
A. Collaborations are structured classifiers.
B. A structured classifier is also an encapsulated classifier.
C. Structured classifiers cannot contain instances of structured classifiers.
D. Destroying an instance of a structured classifier normally destroys instances of its parts.
E. The behavior of a structured classifier must be completely defined through the collaboration
of owned or referenced instances.
Answer: A, D
An encapsulated classifier is characterized by which fact?
A. has an encapsulation shell
B. can own one or more ports
C. hides information from other classifiers
D. acts as a package and can own one or more classifiers
70-765 pdf Answer: B
What interface restrictions does a port have?
A. multiple required interfaces or multiple provided interfaces
B. multiple provided interfaces and multiple required interfaces
C. equal numbers of provided interfaces and required interfaces
D. exactly one provided interface or exactly one required interface

E. exactly one required interface and exactly one provided interface
Answer: B
What is an invocation action on a port used for?
A. sending a message to that port
B. receiving a message on that port
C. creating a link and attach it to that port
D. relaying the invocation via links connected to that port
E. invoking the behavior of the classifier that owns the port
70-765 vce Answer: D
What is NOT a purpose of a port owned by a classifier?
A. serves as an end point for connectors
B. specifies an association to the classifier
C. hides the internals of that classifier from other classifiers
D. provides a distinct point of interaction between the classifier and its environment
Answer: B
Which is true of a provided interface associated with a port?
A. represents an interface that must be defined within the classifier that owns the port
B. identifies the services that the object owning the port expects of objects connected via that
C. identifies the services that the object owning the port can offer to other objects connected via
that port
D. represents an interface that must be defined in the same package in which the classifier
owning the port is defined
70-765 ansell Answer: C
What does the composite structure notation in the exhibit mean?

A. Class C has internal structure.
B. Object c1 is a kind of component.
C. Port p is connected to an object called F
D. Port p realizes the features defined by interface F
E. Port p requires the features defined by interface F
Answer: E
Which list contains only connectable elements?
A. port and connector end
B. behavior, port and property
C. connector end, port and part
D. property, port, and parameter
E. behavior, connector end, and port
70-765 exam Answer: D
What is NOT true about a roles and role bindings?
A. A role binding is an association.
B. The same object may play roles in multiple collaborations.
C. A role binding maps a connectable element to a role in a collaboration occurrence.
D. The same connectable element may be bound to multiple roles in a single collaboration
E. A role typed by an interface specifies a set of features required by a participant in a
70-765 dumps Answer: A
What does the composite structure exhibit show?
A. The diagram is not valid.
B. The two F interfaces must come from different packages.
C. Requests for behavioral features of interface F through ports p1 and p2 can be distinguished.
D. Requests for behavioral features of interface F through ports p1 and p2 will always result in
the same behavior.
Answer: C

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