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A developer is integrating WebSphere Lombardi Edition with an external system using a SOAP connector. What language should the developer use in the SOAP request for the integration to function properly?
Answer: A
A developer builds an integration service using a Java Integration Component, and wants the result of the Java method that is invoked to be serialized and returned to the Integration service as an XML element. What must the developer do to ensure this?
A. Enable the Translate JavaBeans check box.
B. Nest the Integration service in another service.
C. Choose the method that you want to call on the class.
D. Click the Variables tab for the Integration service to add any input variables.
Answer: A
A developer requires a service to query a database. The database does not have any restrictions on user/system permissions or on the operations allowed to be performed by users/systems. Which of the following operations can the developer perform on the database with the SQL Execute Statement service?
A. Read, write and update
B. Read only, not write or update
C. Read only, not write or update, and binary large objects (BLOB) data types cannot be read
D. Read, write and update, but binary large objects (BLOB) data types cannot be read, written, or updated

Answer: A
A developer needs to use the static custom Java API that was developed by another development team. The developer needs to use that custom API directly in the Lombardi process application and toolkits. Which one of the following connectors must the developer use to fulfill the above requirement?
A. API Connector
B. HTTP Connector
C. Java Connector
D. SOAP Connector
Answer: C
A developer implements the following service:

What does the developer find after the service attempts to handle the exception if the Special Handler script fails?
A. The service is terminated.
B. The script is executed repeatedly until the error is resolved.
C. The service throws the exception to be caught by a higher level service or process.

D. An exception is caught and processed within the current activity and then the service terminates.
Answer: C
A developer needs to ensure that any exceptions that might occur during process execution are handled, and chooses to create a high-level Business Process Definition (BPD) to call the activity. Which high-level BPD should the developer create?
A. Exhibit A
B. Exhibit B
C. Exhibit C
D. Exhibit D
Answer: A
A developer needs to track Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in a business process? Where would the developer locate Standard KPI’s?
A. User Portal
B. Timer Events
C. Custom Toolkit
D. System Data Toolkit
Answer: D QUESTION NO: 8
A developer needs to create a process that captures user actions within a service. What method is used to accomplish this?
A. Variables
B. Tracking groups
C. Service Level Agreements (SLA)
D. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Answer: B
A developer creates a Business Process Definition (BPD) which contains a Nested Process. When the developer creates the activity that implements the Nested Process, the developer must model the activity to handle variables passed by:
A. reference for both simple and complex types.
B. reference if simple variable type, value if complex variable type.
C. value for both simple and complex variable types.
D. value if simple variable type, reference if complex variable type.
Answer: D
A developer creates a multi-instance loop in a process. What does the developer do to ensure that when the flow condition is true, the rest of the items are closed?
A. Set Ordering to “Run in Parallel”
B. Set Flow Condition to “Wait for all to finish”
C. Place a value in “Set Loop Maximum”
D. Check the “Close remaining instances” checkbox
Answer: D QUESTION NO: 11
A developer creates a process model that uses a complex business object. The complex object is mapped as an input to a multi-instance loop. When a developer creates the activity implemented by the multi-instance loop comprised of a Lombardi service, the developer must use the variable values correctly because the variables will be passed by:
A. value.
B. string.
C. reference.
D. inheritance.
Answer: A
A business owner has presented a requirement to send Managers a daily email, from which they can run a service directly. How should the developer expose his service in order to meet the business owner’s requirement?
B. Project Page
C. Startable Service
D. Administration Service
Answer: A
A developer is using TWSearch to retrieve business data information about specific process instances. The developer needs to only return open instances where the business data field requestType is equal to internal. Which of the following should the developer add to TWSearch to only return instances with the proper request type?
A. var cond1 = new TWSearchCondition();
cond1.column = new TWSearchBusinessDataColumn(‘requestType’);
cond1.operator = ‘Equals’; cond1.value = ‘internal’;
B. var search = new TWSearch();
var search.columns = new TWSearchColumnList;
var search.columns[0] = new TWSearchColumn(‘requestType’, ‘Business Data’);
search.conditions = new TWSearchConditionList;
var search.conditions[0] = new TWSearchCondition(search.columns[0], ‘internal’,

C. var col1 = new TWSearchColumn();
col1.type = TWSearchColumn.Types.BusinessData; = ‘requestType’;
var cond1 = new TWSearchCondition();
cond1.column = col1;
cond1.operator = TWSearchCondition.Operations.Equals;
cond1.value = ‘internal’;

D. var cond1 = new TWSearchCondition();
cond1.column = new TWSearchColumn(‘requestType’,’Business Data’);
cond1.operator = ‘Equals’;
cond1.value = ‘internal’;

Answer: C
A company has a requirement to create three forms that collect information from a user. The last form is a summary of the data that was entered, and all the data on the form is read-only. The last form must be reused by other steps/activities in the process to show the process participant the pertinent data. How must the developer create the information collection service that promotes reuse of the last form?
A. Create a new toolkit for every coach. The other activities will create a dependency to the toolkits.
B. Create three sections which contain the contents of each form. The other activities will use the third section.
C. Create a human service that contains all three coaches. The other activities will contain a copy of the last coach in the human service.
D. Create a human service for every page which contains a single coach, and wrap the three human services in another service. The otheractivities will reuse the last human service.
Answer: D

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