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Exam Code: 300-206
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions
Updated: Mar 24, 2017
Q&As: 222
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300-206 exam

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When a Cisco ASA is configured in transparent mode, how can ARP traffic be controlled?
A. By enabling ARP inspection; however, it cannot be controlled by an ACL
B. By enabling ARP inspection or by configuring ACLs
C. By configuring ACLs; however, ARP inspection is not supported
D. By configuring NAT and ARP inspection
Correct Answer: A


300-206 exam QUESTION 45
What are two primary purposes of Layer 2 detection in Cisco IPS networks? (Choose two.)
A. identifying Layer 2 ARP attacks
B. detecting spoofed MAC addresses and tracking 802.1X actions and data communication after a successful client association
C. detecting and preventing MAC address spoofing in switched environments
D. mitigating man-in-the-middle attacks
Correct Answer: AD


campus network in a switch block design requires redundant distribution switches, load sharing across uplinks, a loop-free topology, and only one gateway IP address per VLAN. Which switching technology meets all of the requirements?
B. EtherChannel
D. Spanning Tree Protocol
Answer: A


300-206 exam  QUESTION 47
Which two of these are characteristics of multicast routing? (Choose two.)
A. multicast routing uses RPF.
B. Multicast routing is much like unicast routing, with the only difference being that it has a a group of receivers rather than just one destination
C. In multicast routing, the source of a packet is known.
D. multicast routing is connectionless.
E. When network topologies change, multicast distribution trees are not rebuilt, but use the original path
Answer: A,C


NO.48 Port security supports which type of port?
A. nonnegotiating trunk port
B. DTP-enabled trunk port
C. EtherChannel port-channel port
D. SPAN destination port
Answer: A


300-206 exam  NO.49 Refer to the exhibit.
Based on the configuration, why are routers R1 and R2 not exchanging OSPF routes?
A. OSPF is not enabled on the interfaces.
B. There is no backbone area configured.
C. The OSPF process numbers are different.
D. The router IDs are different.
Answer: B


NO.50 The Cisco ASA must support dynamic routing and terminating VPN traffic. Which three Cisco ASA options will not support these requirements? (Choose three.)
A. active/standby failover mode
B. no NAT-control
C. transparent mode
D. active/active failover mode
E. multiple context mode
F. routed mode
Answer: C,D,E

300-206 exam  NO.51  Which technology can be deployed with a Cisco ASA 1000V to segregate Layer 2 access within
a virtual cloud environment?
A. Cisco VSG
B. Cisco Nexus 1000V
Answer: B

NO.52  Which two features are supported when configuring clustering of multiple Cisco ASA
appliances? (Choose two.)
A. dynamic routing
C. SSL remote access VPN
D. IPSec remote access VPN
Answer: A,B


300-206 exam  NO.53  What is the result of the default ip ssh server authenticate user command?
A. It enables the keyboard authentication method only.
B. It enables the password authentication method only.
C. It enables the public key, keyboard, and password authentication methods.
D. It enables the public key authentication method only.
Answer: C

300-206 exam

The Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security (SENSS) 300-206 exam tests the knowledge of a network security engineer to configure and implement security on Cisco network perimeter edge devices such as a Cisco switch, Cisco router, and Cisco ASA firewall.

This 90-minute exam consists of 65-75 questions and focuses on the technologies used to strengthen security of a network perimeter such as Network Address Translation (NAT), ASA policy and application inspect, and a zone-based firewall on Cisco routers. Candidates can prepare for this 300-206 exam by taking the Cisco Edge Network Security (SENSS) course.

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