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Exam Code: 210-060
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices (CICD)
Updated: Sep 09, 2017
Q&As: 203

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210-060 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 210-060 Dumps Exam Q&As:

What is the purpose of the dbccdb database?:
A. It is required for running any dbcc command
B. It is required for running the dbcc checkstorage command
C. It is required for running the dbcc memusage command
D. It is required for running dbcc trace
E. It is not required for anything
210-060 exam Answer: B
The sybsecurity database is only needed if you plan on using:
A. auditing
B. user defined roles
C. user defined groups
D. row level access control
Answer: A
The system table sysindexes exists in which of the following databases? (choose all
that apply):
A. master
B. sybsystemprocs
C. tempdb
D. any user database
210-060 dumps Answer: ABCD
Identify the segment names that are common to all databases.
A. system
B. table
C. logsegment
D. default
E. index F.
G. data
Answer: ACD
Which databases are required for a properly functioning ASE?
A. master, model, tempdb, sybsystemprocs, sybsystemdb
B. master, model, tempdb, sybsystemprocs, sybsecurity
C. master, model, tempdb, sybsystemdb, sybsecurity, dbccdb
D. master, model, tempdb, dbccdb, sybsystemprocs
210-060 vce Answer: A

In order to use the unichar and univarchar datatypes to store Unicode data, the
ASE default character set must be set to: (choose one)
A. iso_1
B. roman8
C. cp850
D. utf8
E. cp437
Answer: D
With the create database command you can specify database size in (choose all that apply):
A. megabytes
B. kilobytes

210-060 cicd pdf exam Answer: ABC
With the disk init command you can specify database device size in (choose all that apply):
A. megabytes
B. kilobytes
C. gigabytes
D. pages
Answer: ABCD
What is true of the master device (choose three):
A. The master database can be extended only on to the master device.
B. The master device must be left as a default device
C. The master device has a virtual device number of 0
D. The master device location is an optional parameter to the dataserver program on Unix
(or the sqlsrvr.exe program on Microsoft Windows) when starting the server
E. The master device is created by the database administrator executing the “disk init”
F. The master device’s minimum size increases as the logical page size increases
210-060 exam Answer: ACF
The logical page size can be set
A. when creating the server
B. when upgrading the server

C. when creating a database
D. when loading the database
Answer: A
Prior to upgrading a server, the upgrade program’s eligibility test ensures that (Choose three):
A. there is enough free space in each database
B. the requisite system databases (such as master, model, tempdb) exist
C. no other users are currently logged on
D. no object names are found on the reserved keyword list
E. all stored procedures have been recompiled
210-060 dumps Answer: ABD
ASE configuration parameters can be modified as follows (choose all that apply):
A. By logins with sa_role (all parameters except those related to system security)
B. By logins with sso_role (all parameters related to system security)
C. By database administrators who do not have sa_role or sso_role (for parameters
related to their database)
D. By object owners who do not have sa_role or sso_role (for parameters related to their objects)
Answer: AB
The disk init command requires which parameters (Choose three):
A. name
B. physname
C. vdevno
D. size
E. dsync F.
210-060 vce  start Answer:
Sybase recommends that the master device
A. be spread across multiple physical disks
B. be mirrored
C. be used as a default device when creating new databases
D. not be used for user databases
Answer: BD

Which statements about ASE 12.5 devices are TRUE (choose ALL that apply)?
A. Creating a new device inserts a row into master..sysdevices
B. Creating a new mirror for a device inserts a row into master..sysdevices

C. User-initialized devices can store user databases.
D. User-initialized devices can store system databases including master
E. Dropping a device makes its vdevno immediately available for reuse
F. Dropping a device built on a file deletes the file from the operating system
Answer: ACE
Scheduling priority is a direct attribute of which of the following:
A Engine Group
B Execution Class
C Application
D Stored procedure
E Database
210-060 exam Answer: B
Which of the following are valid size options for the creation of a 4M device?
A. size=’4M’
B. size=4
C. size=2048
D. size=4096
Answer: AC
Given a valid path and available disk space, would the following disk init command
succeed on a 16K page server?
disk init name=”data_test1″, physname=”/usr/val/data_test1.dat”, vdevno=3,
A. The minimum size of a disk device on a 16K server is 4Mb, so the above command
would fail
B. The command will succeed
C. The minimum size of a disk device on a 16K server is 8Mb, so the above command
would fail
D. The minimum size of a disk device on a 16K server is 2Mb, so the above command
would succeed
Answer: A

Which two technologies comprise a Cisco Presence deployment? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Unified Presence Server
B. Cisco Unity Connection
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
D. Active Directory
E. Cisco Unified Border Element
F. Cisco Expressway
210-060 dumps 
Correct Answer: AC
Which three network elements are crucial when deploying VoIP devices? (Choose three.)
A. Round-trip time
B. QoS markings
C. Bandwidth
D. Ethernet
E. Fibre
F. Token ring
Correct Answer: ABC
Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question.
210-060 dumps

210-060 dumps

When a call is placed from the Branch Router phone to the PSTN number of 914085551212, the call is
failing. What dial-peer is supposed to be used and why is the call failing? Select 2 (two)
A. dial-peer voice 910 pots
B. dial-peer voice 9 pots
C. dial-peer voice 9001 voip
D. destination pattern is incorrect
E. prefix is missing from the dial-peer
F. the port assignment is incorrect in the dial-peer
G. the port number is missing in the dial-peer
210-060 vce  
Correct Answer: BF
Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question.
210-060 dumps

210-060 dumps

Emergency calls from a Branch router phone is failing. From the router configuration information provided,
why is this call failing?
A. The dial-peer port assignment is incorrect
B. the digit string prefix is missing
C. The destination pattern is incorrect
D. digit stripping needs to be performed
210-060 exam 
Correct Answer: C

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